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About DM Sports

All over North America, we distribute sportswear designed by the Italian brand Mass. Since launching in 2004, we’ve equipped nearly 80,000 players of all levels with our range of durable and stylish products. Be it for grass, ice, sand, or at the gym, our attire optimizes performance on all surfaces. Appreciate designs that breathe and follow your movements flawlessly. Victory is yours.


Our mission: supplying sportswear that breaks down barriers

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, you play to win. For more than 25 years, Mass has responded to our love of the game by offering sportswear that’s versatile, durable, light, and accessible—its quality-to-price ratio remains undefeated. For those of us diving in the mud to save a penalty shot or throwing a three-pointer at the last second, Mass has something to keep us on our game. Let your organization benefit big from Italian craftsmanship and knowhow!

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Schools, businesses, sports clubs: one team for all

Sow the joys of sport among young people, cultivating team spirit in the workplace, reap big wins with friends—whatever your objective, we have the equipment you need to succeed. What fuels you: soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, athletics, hockey, running? No matter the sport, our clothing and accessories take you to the next level. Gather your team, brandish your colours, and experience the sensation of victory.